when is it ok to hang up on someone?

To me, the only time it is ok to hang up on a person you know is if they are screaming at you down the phone and you need to cut the call short for your own (mental) protection.

So how come with some people it happens in a normal quiet conversation? Hanging up on someone is rude, obviously, but more than that, it is passive-aggressive behaviour in order to win, despite not having a cogent argument.

It is the ultimate form of dismissal of who you are and what you have to say, usually by someone who is incapable of rational discussion.

Not that I don’t FEEL like hanging up on people from time to time, it is just that it is such an admission of inadequacy that I don’t do ever want to be guilty of doing it.


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    Teresa Brigham says:

    Wrong you forget abuse and constant mental verbal quiet emotional abuse with a person you are getting no where with like a narcissist. And there’s no way out but to hang up

    • Yes I agree with you, I thought I covered that in the first paragraph, perhaps not as fully as you have, so thankyou.

  1. Hanging up on someone can be the only way to protect and provide necessary nurturing to yourself in a toxic relationship with a close family member. I have found it necessary at times to hang up on one particular person in my life when I know we’re going down an all-too-familiar rabbit hole. It doesn’t make me feel good when I do it, because it’s not my nature, but the alternative would be worse.

    • hi Wanda,
      Yes unfortunately we sometimes get wedged by such people and I hope you don’t find yourself in this situation again. Best regards and stay safe.

  2. Several months ago I hung up on a cousin who was screaming at me on the phone because she was angry over an opinion I held. Her tone said one thing while her words were meant to cut me deeply. This is a person who I have repeatedly forgiven for past transgressions for decades because as kids we were very close. She hit the point of no return this time and I’m done with her boundaryless behavior. Sometimes you do it to protect yourself. Quite honestly I hope I never hear from this bitch again.

    • hi Dianne, Yes sometimes you really need to protect yourself and I a glad you’ve done that. Best wishes to you and take care, Maureen

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